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The site improvements look good from my end, so content is coming this month.


I will explain.

Stop and Eat the Flowers is on Hiatus

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Feel free to follow Stop and Eat the Flowers on social media. The links should be available on our homepage. I can also be reached at

The website needs updates, and my webmaster is completing his final semester for his Masters in Library Sciences. Go, Dismal.
I have also had a setback. I was involved in an auto collision Monday in Washington D.C. and my car may be totaled, maybe not? I have mixed feelings about this because I was not the only person in my vehicle. No injuries, but mental health is not fantastic. No animals were in the vehicle, either. The family is fine. I need some time.

We were also selected by BasePaws to get Stewart entered into the research program because he is an asthmatic cat. We supplied them with his vet records, and they sent us a CatKit for him. I filled out surveys for him online, and the next step is to take his samples and send them back to BasePaws.

To find out if your cat may qualify, follow this link and view the characteristics and traits they’d like to study.


Summer is coming – Travel with your pets

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There are very good suggestions when traveling with your pets. Keep a copy of their current vaccinations in the vehicle where you can access them. It is also a good idea to have a vet visit before you travel, and have a health certificate issued to your pet.

If you have a harness for your cat or dog, it’s ideal to leave it on them at all times when the vehicle is involved. It’s more difficult to remove than a collar, and you can clip on i.d. tags, as well as give them a little freedom with the leash from time to time, or keep the leash connected to an attachment point in the vehicle so that when doors open, they can’t jolt out into an unfamiliar place. There are also seat belt restraints that click into the buckle and attach to the D or O ring on their harness.

Will my cat really wear a harness?
There are so many options to chose from, I am sure you can find one that will work. There are jackets, figure 8, H-style, and custom items you can order from marketplaces such as Etsy. We personally use the H. This one buckles around their rib cage and around their neck, with a strap connecting the two from the point at the back of the neck down towards the bottom of the shoulder blades. Figure 8 does not have the strap between the two wrap arounds – “8” vs (this one is sideways)”H”. Another thing is to consider the size of your cat. Weight distributes differently on these felines, so you would want to get a flexible fabric tape measure and jot down some numbers. Not all cats fall into a cookie-cutter Small and Large. Thirteen pounds on my boys make them skinny, and thirteen pounds on my girls present them as rotund. Do not refer to their weight in sizing, but their lengths.

You may also want to get shades for your rear windows. A barrier across the front seats is very helpful, even if it’s not going to stop your pet from trying to come up with you, it’s going to slow them down and hopefully they won’t startle or distract you too much from your job as chauffeur.

Keeping a collapsible silicone dish in your door pocket is not only useful for serving up water and then storing it away, but it is great to have on hand for coming across strays when your pets aren’t around.

If your pet is prone to car sickness, you can try Dramamine or Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pet given thirty minutes prior. Dosage varies by weight and species. You can also spritz a calming spray in their carrier or on a blanket or hoodie that will stay near them.

If you stay at a hotel, get familiar with their policy while booking your reservation. Some hotels require you to pay a refundable pet deposit, and others charge a flat pet fee. There are also breed restrictions, weight restrictions, how many pets per room, and potentially policies in place that say not to leave your pets loose in the room without a human. I went to get ice from the machine, didn’t have a crate set up, and had to chase my tortie cat up and down a hotel hallway at 1 a.m. upon my return.

The USDA also has a menu to choose where you are traveling to/thru so you can get more information for that state:
Travel with your pet state to state (Interstate)
Please make sure your pets are allowed so that you won’t be separated. Common pets like hedgehogs, ferrets, some breeds of rats, birds, and even some cats and dogs have been regulated in different areas of the United States.

I have no better summary or closing to offer than Safe Travels. Feel free to contribute on our social media accounts.

Easter is next weekend

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Hoppy Easter

It’s the annual reminder that most all commercial lilies are toxic to cats, and it’s any part of the plant, PERIOD.

Please do not be the hero and get an Easter Bunny. Chocolate bunnies work well (not for the dogs) and if you want to get experience with bunnies before you add one to your family, you would be surprised to know that there are many rescues across the country that are dedicated to rabbits, as well as shelters that actually take them in. Volunteer your time and make sure this is the right move for a long-term addition to your family.

Plastic grass used in Easter baskets are dangerous for all family members if ingested. Crinkled paper style grass is available at most all craft stores, and comes in a variety of colors.

Happy Easter and I’d like to take a moment for the historical losses at the Notre Dame Cathedral today. At the last update there is only one seriously injured first responder, and no confirmed deaths. +

Weruva Slide N’ Serve Paté cat food Variety Pack: The Brat Pack

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I ran into an issue uploading photos a few weeks ago, so let’s try this again and see if it’s cleared up.

Weruva sent us the new Slide N’ Serve Paté variety pack (at no charge) for our ladies to evaluate honestly.

The theme of this variety pack is even better than the last one we were able to feature. I’m old enough to understand these, so I thought they were a hoot. It’s pop culture time!

If I ever got a job in marketing with Weruva, I would have a blast. Look at these!

Direct link to product on Weruva

The Brat Pack includes two each of: The Breakfast Cat, Cat to The Future, Meowiss Bueller, Cat Times at Fridgemont, The Karate Kitty, and Cattyshack.

Now that the humans have had their giggle, lets get back to the cats.

Slide N’ Serve have been really convenient. I have some unique clips that work wonderfully with the pouches, and TerraCycle partners with Weruva to recycle your pouches.

These are some great blends. There are beef, salmon, tuna, duck, lamb, shrimp, chicken and pumpkin varieties. My girls have always been particular about their consumption of fish, but they have eaten all of these Brat Pack options. That’s excellent.

Amalie and Princess Yue Pants

All varieties of the Brat Pack are grain, gluten, BPA, and carrageenan free. The average kcal per pouch is 60, while the beef is a bit lighter, so make sure you’re feeding your feline friend according to their daily needs.

You can find Weruva at for your cats and dogs, and check out the entire Weruva collection by clicking the banner below.

You know – The usual

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I did my pet chores this morning, hung out for fifteen minutes, and then thought ‘Where’s Yue?’.
Yue is my ten year old cat, who MEERs every day, has huge crazy blue eyes, and a pink nose.
I went to go find her, and I found her hiding spot. She did not meer. Her blue eyes were gazing distantly. Her nose was not as pink.
I brought her a treat to make sure she would eat, and she took her time. She eventually ate it.
I picked her up a few minutes later and placed her on the pet heating pad next to the window. I checked her gums for color, and I felt inside her ears. Everything seemed okay. I watched her for 30 seconds, and her respiratory rate was fine. I waited 2 1/2 hours and then picked her up and put her in the MeowSpace to go eat. She ate a tiny bit.

This afternoon she is totally fine. 0.o

There was no salad for Murphy this morning at the pig pen. I gave her a blackberry, a piece of red bell pepper, a carrot stick, and a vitamin C cookie. She did not eat the blackberry. The reason there was no salad is because the last container of spring mix I got was very heavy on spinach. Murphy has no appreciation for spinach. I dumped the rest of the spring mix in there yesterday for her to pick through, and it looked like she hadn’t touched it. It was a lonely pile of spinach.
Murphy is my four year old guinea pig. She gets what she wants. She now has an appropriate spring mix I picked up at Target next to Petsmart.

At Petsmart there was a woman with a giant bag of guinea pig food. I inquired. She said her female ended up being pregnant, and then was pregnant again, and she currently has 6. I told her about the local rescue group that does small animals, and that maybe she can get some resources. I also ran into a woman with a small dog that had the exact same build as my departed dog, Lila. This dog was black, and 8 lbs, with the very same figure although Lila was 11 lbs. Her dog was mixed with Shih Tzu. It was always suspected that Lila was mixed with Shih Tzu, but I had no prior experience with the breed. Lila came from a smash face rescue in Palm Springs CA, that picked her up from Bakersfield animal control.

I spent too long at Target today. I did. I wandered. I ended up finding some wool laundry balls on clearance. You’re supposed to be able to use these to shorten dryer time and/or beat the crap out of your load in the dryer instead of using fabric softener. Either way I can use them in the human laundry, or I can use them in the guinea pig laundry. You’re never supposed to use fabric softener on fleece guinea pig laundry.

My boyfriend took one of the balls and gave it to my male cats.
Alright. They work for cat toys, too.

I had to sit around with a movie on as I was waiting for the stock update on the rabbit I needed to order from Hare-Today. Stock updated by 4:55 pm ET. I had advance notice that there would be short supply today because our weather has been too erratic this winter for the breeders to provide any regular supply. By 5:15 pm all the rabbit they posted was sold. I got 44 lbs as well as 10% off with code Springfever2019 for orders over $100 through April 12. My click-thru is posted under links at the top of the page if you’d like to see what they carry.

Ah. I almost forgot. The Petsmart App on your smartphone shows that there will be new coupons to earn on the Treat Trail game in three days, and I received 2x the points for litter through 5/5, so check your offers.

Polly’s Pet Products Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Bird Perch #chewyinfluencer

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This is our last one from Chewy. We were able to choose a bird item (no charge) to get our parrots’ honest opinion.

Surely you know how opinionated birds can be? Yeah. I know. It’s hit or miss, even if you check off all the right boxes.
They like boxes, too, some days.

We have three green cheek conures, and they are about 75 grams each. We chose to get Polly’s Pet Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Perch in SMALL. The colors/flavors are random, and we received a Goofy Grape. “Oh noes.” – My birds don’t usually like purple at all. But, it turns out it was okay. Idris uses this a lot. She waits for me to take her out first thing in the morning, because it’s mating season and I’ve conditioned her to accept me as her bird right now so she’ll leave everyone else alone. My other two girls are bonded.

However, I’ll repeat : IT IS MATING SEASON

All my birds are DNA’D female, but last year we ended up witnessing Koi laying ten eggs for Jak. If my birds would chew on this (it’s chew-able) it is an excellent source of nutrients they need to keep up with the egg laying.

Give your pal a perch he can actually eat with the Polly’s Pet Products Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Bird Perch. It’s made with all natural, 100% highly digestible calcium and bee pollen for a tasty, nutritious treat. The calcium is essential to keeping your bird healthy, and bee pollen is packed with nutrients like active enzymes, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins. Plus, it also doubles as a perch that gently trims nails as your pal walks on it, and his beak as well! It’s easy to set up either on the side of the cage or on the top, and is proudly made in the USA by a family-owned company with a passion for birds.

My girls never chew these things and they never trim their own nails. No one was afraid of it, they did use it, and it’s an appropriate size for them. Thanks for modeling, Idris!

All orders $49+ ship fast and free on

Ethical Pet Shimmer Glimmer Fish with Catnip Cat Toy #chewyinfluencer

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Chewy sent us this cat toy at no charge in exchange for our cats’ review.

These cats crack me up. You think you know them, and they do this:

Small enough to be carried around the house? YES (The dimensions are 4.5 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, and 1 inch in height)
Crinkle sounds? YES
Catnip? YES



There are at least four cats on Chewy that love this thing. It’s been unloved in my dining/living room area for weeks. I even put catnip on another toy and this one, and left them both out (to make sure our catnip is still good). The boys played with the other toy.
This crinkly shimmer glimmer fish is still in the floor.

On the plus side, they got a new cardboard box from Chewy.
Check out the Shimmer Glimmer Fish Cat Toy (colors vary)

All orders $49+ get free, fast shipping

Murphy : 4 year old guinea pig

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I realized I hadn’t given any update for March. Her blood came back and appeared negative for lymphoma. Her weight went up, then back down, and we went to the local vet and she was put on antibiotics because she was doing this weird huffing. They wanted to do a few tests, but that would have maxed the CareCredit out again, and I need it open for emergencies.

She’s received 2 of 3 Lupron injections, and her 3rd is next month to have these ovarian cysts treated non-surgically.

Murphy is laying around today, not asking me for treats every time she sees me, and only ate half her offering of carrot. I decided to weigh her to make sure she’s not going into a slump again. Surprise, surprise… She’s up to 960 grams.

She is a little pissed with me not dropping a hay bomb on her like we usually do. I want to put in a 9 lb order of her Oxbow Orchard Grass to, but in the meantime I picked up the Timothy Hay Stacks at Petsmart. She firmly believes that I am screwing with her.
As well she should; She’s 4 years old and should get what she wants.

#BasePaws DNA CatKit update #8 – IMAGE HEAVY

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I tried to think of a few ways to present the new version of the report, but a PDF would be most useful. I’m just not sure if I know how to put PDF files on here, so I printed out the reports for both Princess Yue Pants and Tommy Gargoyle, and adjusted the photos. Go ahead and click on them, and they will blow up so you can read them. The cats they listed as being in common with my cats has updated, with about half of them being eliminated from this Alpha report. I’m guessing it’s because they grouped my two cats into either a “Western” breed or an “Eastern” breed, and while their percentage was favorable towards Eastern, they were both designated Western, so I guess the other ones drop. I was hoping for more insight into health issues, but they only provide the one top breeds and the issues that those breeds typically present. These reports will be updated at a later time, as they expand their research. My guess is that they have to build a decent database for purebred cats, and then go into the mutts we, which most all of you with cats have as well. Breeding cats started much more recently than the breeding of dogs, so this isn’t as easy as you might think. They also request cats with certain health issues and traits and study their genes as well, like cats with asthma. It’s a slow going process getting your feet off the ground as a company ready to present to consumers.

For reference I am providing a few photos of these cats of mine:


This guy

Tommy favors the Russian Blue breed in attitude and looks, but Yue has more predominance to that breed than he does. Yue favors Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest Cats, but she’s only 10 lbs, and those two breeds were further down in her list.

The vomit Princess

I am looking forward to future updates. P.S. Tom does have FLUTD. He came down with it when he was 7.

You can purchase your CatKit here