Our Birds

I have 2 female green cheek conures. Jak is a yellow-sided and Koi is a cinnamon from a pineapple clutch.

I’ve been working with birds since November 2010. I grew up where my mother had a pair of cockatiels that were not hand tamed and my sister had a parakeet that was only mildly hand tame. These girls are my first hands-on.

I located the breeder for Jak by researching the leg band. Petco didn’t provide any records to me other than a bill of sale. Her breeder in Hawaii sent me her hatch date information.

Koi was found at a local bird store as the last hatch in her clutch: no butt feathers, one eye still sealed and hadn’t even been priced yet. I reserved her by the end of the week and was there every single week until she came home.

Jak’s hatch was in July of 2010 and Koi’s January of 2011.
Koi Monkey stayed a cinnamon. Her coloring never shifted after her first major molt. She’s a very cheeky bird and has an interesting vocabulary that is there just for me.