Basepaws provided us with Catkits in 2017 in exchange for documenting the process, reviews, interpretation, realistic expectations, etc.

Basepaws provided us with a free Catkit for Stewart 1 year ago, after accepting him into their research program because of his asthma diagnosis.

What’s going on with the Catkit process now that Basepaws got their deal from Shark Tank? I decided to find out.

I PURCHASED my very first Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit, as I have one cat left here that is not a Basepaws Cat. So far, I am seeing that the Catkit term is not longer on the website.

Let me tell you about Amalie. She’s somewhere between 13 and 75 years old. I’ve asked her, but she has a flair for the dramatic.

She’s my 9 lb tortie with a degenerative dental disease, and she hates Stewart. If they so happen to want to research resorptive lesions in the future, I’ll have them run Amalie for that. You always have the option to opt in with their research as they are screening for new traits to study.

tortie cat

Click through the logo to see what Basepaws can provide you about your feline family

This is the link to the breeds and conditions research they are seeking.

Click here to read up on Amalie’s dental condition.

PS Basepaws is also offering a Coach My Cat subscription, but I don’t know that my family has a need for it at the moment.

PSS Holy cats – let me put this out there:
4 Interest-free payments from QUADPAY (didn’t qualify)
G Pay
Amazon Pay

So much flexibility to purrsuade you. Cheers.