It’s nearly July?

What’s going on with you, besides washing your hands and not touching your face? Did you buy any of your masks from TheCatBall?

they’re on Etsy

April flowers sure didn’t bring May flowers this year.

Princess Yue Pajama Pants finally got her first physical and labs at the vet. She’s 11.
Stewart had an ear infection and went to another vet. Then he got a kitty cold.
Tommy ended up with his I-131 treatment for his hyperthyroid. (more about this in another post) Then he got fat. He’s been dieting, got his first labs on 1 month follow up, and has his second labs in 2 weeks while we’re almost back at goal weight. He’s been so traumatized since we’ve moved to Maryland that we’ve throwing his first Gotcha Day on July 18th.

I still have my day job, and it’s been something alright. We closed the doors, and ran at half staff but full time hours. Realistically everything is opening up way too fast, and people keep coming into the drug store either without their facial cover, or with their nose exposed. Ewwww. The whole point is to not overwhelm the healthcare system and protect each other from lasting effects of a virus to which there is no vaccine. The amazing thing is that I have been running on fumes and paranoia (because I have asthma) is that I haven’t been taken down with an illness since before March… at least not on my work days.

Now we’re back to 75% staff at part time hours, and go – me, I had a migraine a week ago. I was able to call a coworker on for relief. Nice.

I told my mental health people that I need to be able to start writing again, so we’re on a non stimulant ADD medication. I quit the last medication for that months ago because I was seeing things out of the corner of my left eye a.k.a. YOU’RE PARANOID. Let’s be real; these things happen.