I’ll admit, I never had much reason to recommend B.F.F., other than it being another cool line from Weruva. It’s been fish-based, and my bourgy girls don’t eat fish, they only eat shellfish. Otherwise we stick to the land creatures. I was researching foods to send Tommy with during his 4 1/2 day hospital stay, and I found PLAY.

It’s time to PLAY… for dinner!? That’s right, new B.F.F. Paté Lovers Aw Yeah! recipes are what your best feline friend has been asking for. Grain, gluten, carrageenan, and starch free means that these playful patés are sure to please even the pickiest of pals. Available in cans and pouches in three protein options; chicken only, fish only, and mixed protein recipes.

*BLINK* REALLY!? *SQUEAK* Of course we’re trying this out. I ordered a case of Topsy Turvy from work and when Tom came home with a few cans left, I tried them on my ladies. It is a very wet pate, but not quite a stew texture. Amalie likes it, and she’s a kibble junkie.

Last week I picked up an order of four cases of PLAY and two cases of OMG.

This would be the ideal time for the girls to decide this is no longer food.