We live around a decent agriculture area. When Tom came back from his hospital stay, and it was time to make him another batch of food, there was no turkey in any grocery store. His father didn’t want me to substitute chicken, which was great, BECAUSE THERE WAS NO CHICKEN EITHER. There was also no beef, and he’s intolerant of pork because it irritates his digestive tract.

Would you believe there is a turkey farm 15 minutes from my neighborhood?

It was surreal. I set the order up through a series of emails. I had to go to the ATM and pull out cash. I had to break the bills into exact change in petty cash because hey, no one was taking cash. I stopped by after work, and walked to an empty storefront. Our turkey was sitting there with our name on it and the total. I placed my money, took said turkey, drove way politely; all this was at dusk.

I broke the turkey down at home. Saved the frame for cooking, and did the wings and drums in a marinade for the family.
I did this twice.

Now turkey is back in stock at the grocery store, and money is tighter since there has been no additional relief payment.

I really don’t know what is ahead of us for Thanksgiving this year, but I know where I can get a turkey when the sun goes down.