Basepaws updates to be continued

Welp. Looks like we’re going to do it again. I was curious what would happen about new updates as the business grew and how many times they could process a sample. I was emailed an offer to UPGRADE for current customers.


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Since you’ve joined Basepaws, we’ve updated our science which has allowed us to create many new reports and features that you are currently not receiving. We’d love for you to have access to and benefit from the latest personalized insights. By upgrading, you’ll have access to:

– New health reports with up to 115 new genetic markers, (3X more than in the previous panel);

– New five-star grading system;

– New feline blood type and blood transfusion risk reports;

– 25 new genetic traits, such as results for a non-aesthetic trait that is important to a cat’s health: likelihood of resistance to the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

– The Basepaws Cat DNA test now screens for two additional genetic health markers associated with HCM to let you know if your cat is at a higher risk for the disease.”

Sure. Why not? I kind of wasted money running Tommy Gargoyle’s Wisdom Panel (new feline genetics competitor that specializes in canines) because I had to know what they thought they were doing.

Check out Tommy Gargoyle’s Wisdom Panel

I got involved with Basepaws right before Alpha phase because I was inspired by Tommy Gargoyle. He was my heart. Tell me as much as I can learn about him. Leave me curious. Confirm small things I already know and leave me smiling, reassured. It was fun. It has been fun. I got all the cats done through expressing my interest in them as a start up and later by participating in their research. They are still soliciting for research, so check your profiles online if you are part of the family. They told me that there are new studies my remaining three cats may qualify for, but they did not qualify.

I haven’t done anything like this in 2 years. I haven’t written about products or drawn attention to myself as a story teller. We were busy with Tommy’s medical issues and my medical issues, and I have to tread lightly to not overstep on my day job working with a small business in the companion animal industry.

“Here’s what you need to know:
1. Basepaws Health Report Upgrade is now available for $69 and will include a new test kit sent to you, all new genetic trait & health markers, and new oral health microbiome results in an updated report.

2. This offer is available only to current customers, but can be applied to as many tests as you would like, whether you are retesting your cats or testing your cat for the first time.

1. Do I have to swab again?
Yes. While we worked hard for months to try and use the original swab sent to us, a new sample is needed for this upgrade to pass all our quality controls. Thus a new kit and swab will be sent.

I wasn’t taken aback at the thought of swabbing again. I was wondering why would pay for the service again? These kits used to retail for $69-99 depending on the season. I accept that the original sample is no longer reliable or viable and things cost money. I can opt not to. This was fun, and the cats are older, and Tommy died. I’m left with two ladies aged 13+ and a spicy 10 year old boy.

Always check your plug ins and rebate resources. Basepaws is not allowing coupon codes on this offer, but Honey is giving you 10% back in Honey Gold. Please feel free to use my link.

Have an evening of your choosing. I hope you’re as curious as I am.

– Lala