Lily is about ready to go back to the main pig pen. She’s talking to me a lot more, and we’re discontinuing some of her medications this week. Yesterday was 1 week since her spay surgery and tomorrow will be 1 week since she came home. Hopefully I can clean the pig pen this evening (I’m still having back spasms) and get the “kitchen” modified with a lower rise on the front, so hopping in will be easier on her when she goes to hang out in the loose hay. She is, besides surgically modified, about 4 years old and has always had a lame leg since pregnancy.

I am road tripping in 1 week. I have a few more appointments this week, and scant appointments left over for Monday; but Tuesday I will be driving to Kansas City, Missouri for the BlogPaws 10th annual Conference for Pet Bloggers and micro bloggers, and Influencers. Networking and educating! Many, many sponsors are involved and even is on board. I have a breakfast in a smaller group with Comfort Zone that Thursday morning, instead of the general breakfast with Hill’s, and I hope to learn even more about the benefits of their products. I tried their products before but I don’t feel I was as well educated as I’d like to have been. We have issues with anxiety in our household and Comfort Zone products work for many families all over the country.

I'm Going to BlogPaws 2018! Join me!