She’s eating very small meals. I’m not hand feeding her much, but I am making sure she at least takes in an extra meal’s worth. I started giving her baby gasX, and I found out from the hand feeding that she’ll take her meds more easily if you place her in an elevated position. She doesn’t want to lay there and cooperate; you have to hold her upper body up with your free hand and relieve the pressure on her abdomen.

Dismal checked her surgical site and said it looks good. She’s staying over 900 grams, but for reference, the day I took her in my scale at home said 1030 grams.

I decided tonight to allow her to see Murphy. Murphy ended up talking to her a little, and ate all her leftover snacks she hasn’t finished in her hospital cage. Murphy tried to eat her hay, and Lily insisted she was going to eat some hay, and started pecking Murphy in the snout.

I’m happy to say that she’s still alive and hanging in there with me while we work through this. I’m going to try to get more small meals in her tomorrow as I finally do not have plans or errands for the day, and my back spasms I’ve had since Tuesday are finally beginning to alleviate.

Miss Lila Momma two days before she gave birth in 2015