We just went through this a few weeks ago, and the diagnosis seemed like a blanket diagnosis. Dismal said there were things that I should have asked about or insisted on, or that maybe I was just not soaking in all the information.

Today has been a very busy day for me, and my head is swirling around trying to get my belongings in order, because I’m driving across the country tomorrow, and will be out for the next week. I’m getting updates as he gets them from the vet and techs, and for right now our cat Tommy is getting xrays.

He goes into the litter box and strains so badly, that he swaggers out of that box to go find a nice place to vomit. He heaves and gets it up, and then goes back to the box to try again. He’ll strain and strain, walk out, and go vomit again. Then back to the box.
The last ER trip we took they did not do xrays. They did not think constipation was an issue. They treated him for a URI that they couldn’t even culture because his bladder was empty.

I did tell them that he has in his history, two days running around my house vomiting, and that they found his colon impacted with stool. We had to start lactulose immediately.

I just got an update. His stool is having trouble coming out, and it’s in two sections. They are going to save a sample for Dismal to inspect to see if he’s eating something around the house that he shouldn’t be, and see if they can’t get the second section to pass. They’re going for an enema and subQ fluids.

Now, we wait.