I got clippers for grooming my dog over ten years ago. The only maintenance I’d ever done was originally changing the blade from a #10 to a #30, and I am not even sure why! I know they said that most needs to be done with a 30. Okay? Then I would take my time with my little Lila dog, and follow her shape and her coat texture, and I would groom this little girl. She was lovely. It was amazing work for having no idea and no research. If I could ever have anything work out well for me, I never questioned why; I just never stopped doing it.

If you don’t use it, you lose it.

I’m going somewhere with this.
For years now we have been taking these clippers around the house and doing our own human-hair. If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the possibilities of an ancient piece of WAHL Switchblade. The last animal I fully groomed was a cat with an fabulous lion cut. *high five* – While I was doing shots of tequila one evening around 10 years ago.

Tonight I sat on my bathroom floor for 40 minutes, staring at my clippers, and wondering how I could put them back together. I figured out that when I unscrewed the blades that the entire assembly hadn’t come off, and there was still a piece of the blade mechanism that clips them in and out *Switchblade* left attached to the head. All I wanted to do was get all the hair out of this and oil the blades and re-lube. 10 minute job!

PS I have this completely inappropriate laugh I can’t keep to myself at work because now that I know these things happen, and I hear all the stories from pet parents in the shop, I am more amused than anything because you really can’t make this stuff up, so it doesn’t surprise me anymore. It’s amusing that life keeps at you in these flabbergasting ways. I appear to have a complete lack of empathy or this sadistic joy, but if I could be more than 6 feet from you I would be patting you on the back and tell you I’m here for you, with a smile that you could see under the mask, that we are all in this together for the fids.