Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I did the pet step thing when I was trying to be nice to my little dog, Lila. She didn’t care for them.

I did the pet step thing after Tom’s surgery to try to slow him down from hopping right off the couch with his newly adjusted masculinity.
That lasted two days.

People ask me about pet steps at work, and their situations are entirely different from mine. Large dogs wear and tear, and seem to be in tune with their humans trying to take care of them.

Pfft… I have cats.

I came to a conclusion: Trick them.

No steps. None. Choose a piece of cat furniture or ottoman that helps with their mobility. Amalie was struggling to make it easily up on my bed. I went online, took measurements, ran costs, and the Vesper Stool hit the sweet spot. The best part is that without measuring it, their models are kittens, so it can’t be too big, can it?

Laundry Day

The mattress height stops where that roll pillow is with the beige cover on. As soon as I set this up, she started using it that day and every day since. It’s what she wanted, I guess? NO CATS CAN TRAP HER WITH THIS DESIGN. EASY ESCAPE!

tortie cat