I figured I would start off with some horrific word play. I am going through a lot of things. We are going through things. I haven’t concerned myself with Content, Views, Web Stats, and stuck around mainly through social media.

Most cats had teeth removed this year. First Yue, then Amalie, and lastly Tom. I really screwed the pooch with that guy because I let them administer “Long lasting antibiotic” to my boy with a compromised system. That is an injection of Convenia, and it sticks around. You can’t counter it, you can’t shorten it, and it stays around. He had his dental 3 weeks ago, and only just now got most of his personality and appetite back.
I should write up on that, but another day perhaps.

I am having a time over here of trying to get off one medication and onto another. I have never had a physician do a 3 month taper, and it’s making me nuts. I need my antidepressant this time of year working it in full force, and yet I don’t have that. Without a higher dose, my pain levels are no fun. Then again they are never fun… I am a Chronic Pain person. I am also an auto-immune person. I am also waiting back on more tests, and I have 2 procedures next week. I also have a consistent job with consistent hours.

This flare up that I’m in right now – I’ve been hoping it wouldn’t last this long. Of course that wouldn’t happen, and for more than a week I have felt sand in my eyes that wasn’t there, am dreading when the stabbing pain in my eyeballs will begin, and I notice this has been severe enough that my cuticles are pulling away from my nail bed.

Unexplainable bruises do get to be an old tale. You should see this amazing one where it looked like I broke my foot.
It showed up after my knee went out and I had to have it looked at over at the hospital. The knee was looked at. The foot thing was 2 days after.