Jak did not decide to lay her first eggs this year, just before she turns 11 years old. It happened anyway, and she’s been so stressed.
I think that she’s done but she won’t be allowed to go night night in the main cage for another 5 days or so. Our final count is 7 eggs, and yes my girls lay larger clutches than they advertise for green cheek conures. Her bird Koi laid three years ago. She was very defensive and laid on those eggs waiting for them to hatch, and threatened to destroy everything that got close to the nest.

Jak is nothing like that. She’s been so uncomfortable. She has no interest in nesting. She’s been plucking. She yells at her bird to stop touching her. She’d stay awake in the cage, chewing the bars, and sitting in their food dish while telling Koi to go away. My partner decided to set Jak up in the travel cage for her to stay her night nights and do her Self Care. The next day she was very well rested and happy to see us. Within 2 days her feathers started to grow back.

Every day that she laid an egg, you would see her swell up soon after. The next egg would form within the membrane and then take 2-3 days to have the shell calcify for delivery. She’s not puffy today! Aside from all the small changes her dad would make while I was at work, I haven’t made their new batch of mash this week. Suddenly no one is touching her, the fresh food is cut off, and I think her biological clock is starting to believe it wasn’t such a good idea.