I know in yesterday’s post about the sleeping kitten toy I said it wasn’t possible, but I told Dismal that what I needed it for was done, and if he damaged it, that was okay.

I didn’t think he was actually going to go through with it, but he approached me later in the evening and said he got it. He got the original recording device out without shredding the little kitty.

The recording device I bought was actually pretty cool. It plugs right into your audio jack on your computer or phone and records directly, without any interference. Because, as we know in this house, I have three little feathered interference runners named Jak, Idris, and Koi Monkey.

We set it up to record on my favorite purring emulator site, which allows you to adjust several levels in a complex purr, and find the one that gets you most warm and fuzzy feels.

The snag, however, was that the box that holds the recording mechanism was too large to fit inside the kitten, and I asked Dismal “Can we just take the guts out of the case?”.
So we did.

The final touch will be needing to purchase some velcro to open up the underside and make the batteries accessible for replacing later on.
All of the modifications were made by breaking the contacts on the glue that held the kitty to the mat it rests on.

EZ Sound Box for recording up to 200 seconds of audio
Cat Purr Noise Generator