I received this item at a discount to review.

Find them here. They carry many different patterns and colors. I chose “Stuffed Toys 3” for demo purposes.

They package your gift in cellophane, resting on the little bed, and a conveniently placed Press Here sticker near the tummy, so you know exactly where the sweet spot is to get this little kitty to meow. I made a short video of highlights, and then we decided to try to disassemble it to see if the recording box can be swapped out with a third party recording device to get creative and replace the audio.
This cannot be done. The “meow” will stay with your adorable little kitty with the way this was assembled, and I’ll be gluing my cat back down to the little bed now that we’ve concluded surgery.

Not that you’d ever try anything like that.

This item did travel all the way from China, but I was kept updated about the tracking the entire time, even to the “out for delivery”.
Shipping is free and you have 2-6 weeks to receive your sleeping plush kitty cat.