I’m not sure if it’s not cool to hotlink, but I needed a meme.

The guinea pigs need their pen cleaned. I need to make cat food because I put their meat out to thaw the day before I got sick. It’s totally ready to go. The parrots want me to spend more time in the living room. I picked out a crock pot meal for my Dismal to make yesterday. Pretty sure I gotta scoop the litter boxes.
Thankfully there are only 10 pets to care for this year.

The skin between my nose and upper lip is really tender and the entire area around my eyes feels like a cat has slept on my face.

One item I will keep advertising on here is the Oxbow Harvest Stacks for your small mammals that consume copious amounts of hay. I ordered a bunch on sale for my conference I’m going to in April, because Dismal doesn’t handle loose hay. I got him to set some out for my lady guinea pigs yesterday, and I put out another puck of this hay today. Each box gives you 6 chunks of compressed timothy hay, and each chunks last about a day for my three piggies.

So, if you’re sneezing your face off, or leery of sneezing your face off, these babies have 80% less dust than loose hay!

I’m planning on making the cat food tomorrow since this doesn’t seem like it’s going to turn into a URI and send me to urgent care for antibiotics and steroids and that cocktail cough syrup made with vicodin. I can’t wait for my ears to stay open. I keep going outside while it’s freezing and just standing there when I’m overheating. The oral thermometer says no fevers. Keyword: ORAL