I believe this is the mark of the first day I made the cat food for the boys. It took at least six months to work out a system. I found a reliable store to source my turkey thighs, and I learned to start buying as much as possible when it comes to my rabbit from Hare-Today to avoid additional packing charges and maximize shipping affordability. I was spending $95 each month with HT, and I got it down to about $230 for 4 months on the rabbit. WhooYahh.
The store I get the turkey from… I go in there armed…with a big cloth grocery bag.
I see if my timing is right for their restock. When I nail it, the turkey thighs have just been put out, have 7 days generally until expiry, and are still partially frozen. Then I take that big cloth grocery bag *weight limit 30 lbs* and I CLEAN THEM OUT.
I leave a great, mighty hole in the poultry department for the next patron.

We also got to review a wild Alaskan salmon oil from TerraMax Pro, that came with a pump on the bottle, and that saves time over cutting open the capsules of my other fish oil I was running low on.

It was pretty overwhelming when I got started, but now it’s a regular thing month after month, with a routine in place.
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow