Stop and Eat the Flowers was sent this unit at a discount to provide you with an honest review.

CISNO Cat Heating Pad Electric Warmer Pad Mat

IC control box with LED indication
Temperature display and 7 temperature levels to adjust(25-55 Celsius*)
55 degree thermal protector
Single circuit provides consistent heat
Soft PVC envelope enclosure
chew resistant cord casing
Flexible and fits most pet beds

*converted 77-131 Fahrenheit

Excellent warmer pad for using at home, garage, porch, kennel, or dog crate.
Medium Size: 12″x 16″. Ideal for providing warmth to your pet during a cold day. It’s also great for unwell pets, puppies, kitten, elderly pets, or pets recuperating after an injury.
It has a long power cord with a metal cord protector to deter chewing, and it is also built in power surge protection module.

When your pets curl up on it, temp will raise up at the level you set in 28 minutes.

For purposes in our home, we left this in front of the heating vent, so that the cats would still have something warm to curl up with, after the heating unit for the house was on idle. It is 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I’ve also changed covers on it easily. The cord is extremely durable. This unit also boasts Waterproof, but we haven’t tested this feature. For trial purposes, unit was set to 30.

I like knowing I have this on hand. You never know if you’re going to have to foster kittens or take care of a poorly pet. The lowest setting on this device is guinea pig safe at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but I would only use it for them if it were exceptionally cold outside and not confined to a space that is only as large as the heating pad. Our regular electric blanket we risked using for Tommy after surgery wouldn’t have been safe from urine, in case of any accidents.

This is an item I think you should consider keeping on hand. Cisno did a good job putting this one together, but you do have to go a quick conversion for temperature that you can ask your Smartphone, Google Home, or Alexa device to help you out with. Old fashioned computers and Google Search Engine works, too.