Because the boys have this dirty habit of watching the girls eat, and then distract them into leaving the door of the Gatefeeder unlatched.
Stewart was initially using the Surefeed as a way to make him feel more secure against Tom, and I thought that we could put more than one serving at a time into it and he would come back for it later. Not the case. Stewart gorges, so he wasn’t missing out on anything by us taking it away from him.
He is, however, confused and pitiful. He wondered yesterday why it wouldn’t open any longer and has fallen asleep with his arms out on it.

The girls are now using the Surefeed easily.

I had asked Dismal to program it to their microchips embedded near their shoulders, but he gave Stew’s Surefeed RFID tag to Amalie and while trying to program Yue’s microchip to the Surefeed, he left her collar on and now it’s programmed to her RFID tag that came with the Gatefeeder.


It works.