Dismal is out of town for the weekend – A LONG weekend. Thursday thru Monday. I didn’t get up this morning early enough to feed the boys so I get to the kitchen and see the treat tote bag in the middle of the kitchen floor. I’ve been trained to keep it zipped up. It’s working. Not where it’s supposed to be at all, but the zipper is working.

I think I want Dismal to program the girls’ microchips to the SureFeed, take Stew’s collar off and restrict his access. It’s been his personal feeder. I’ll put Stew back on a standard dish, let the girls use the Surefeed and put the Gatefeeder away. The boys keep finding ways to get into it, like sneaking up on the girl that’s eating and she doesn’t get the door latched properly.

I should not have had to fill up the Gatefeeder twice this weekend.

I have a plan.

This weekend I cleaned the pig pen, did the litterbox, and made the bird mash.
I wake up surrounded by cats.