I think I’m done updating the Juvenile Weights of the guinea pigs. They are full grown, except for Potsticker, who seems to grow out rather than up. She is almost 1000 grams. Her auntie Mu-Xi is 1010 grams.

Stewart is eating the new food without being too skittish about it now.

Stewart got sprayed in the face by one of our cats. The suspect is Amalie, as Dismal saw her spraying the electronics once. There has been spray on the electronics, on the front door, by the couch, Stew’s head, the guest bedroom. I took her to the vet and they did blood work which came back great. The vet said she needs more teeth removed due to her Forls and that she’s complaining of back pain. So she’s got pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds as well.

You should have heard Stewart telling his dad how bad the bath sucked through the bathroom door all the way downstairs.

I did all of the guinea pigs’ nails today and got the crap bitten out of me by Ruby. Not happy. I cleaned their pen, did nails, took weights, closed the windows to the dining room since it’s less than 60 degrees outside.

I had ordered a 25 lb sack of Harrison’s Lifetime Fine for the birds and got a Lifetime Coarse instead. Waiting on the new shipment in a week or two and the return label. I am trying to save $25 by buying in bulk.

Oh and Petsmart and Petco seem to be having Carefresh on BOGO for their Black Friday sales. I’ve been buying it at less than $14 a bag but this will make them less than $12.

I’m debating what size I need to start buying the guinea pig food in.