Stewart and Tommy got into a buffet early this morning. Before dawn, early.

Dismal got up and found sample pack after sample pack ripped open and eaten from.
The the bags of treats were pulled out as well, but those came out unharmed.

So then I got to sift through my samples and filtered them out by expiration dates, opened the “good” ones up and now the girls are going to be eating on them for the next 2 weeks.

I’m going to fix this. The bag I keep the cat treats and canned food in actually has a zipper I never use, but I will now, and will keep samples in this zippered tote.

Clearly, the boys had their fills. They keep leaving food in the dish from their feedings.

Go, boys.

Then I was trying something out with Amalie today. Whenever she gets up she seems pretty stiff so I think I’m going to get her a hip and joint supplement.
Pet Naturals – Did not like.
Well and Good – Did not like.
GNC – Did not like.
The one I didn’t try her on today from the store is Tomlyn

I have three bags I have to return and my next step is to try the sprinkling capsules I found on Amazon for Cosequin.

And then I went to the store today and picked up a sweet potato to make mash for the birds.
I KNOW that WILL work.