On the 11th of December, Chai was 786 grams. Today she’s 764 grams. For the last 4-5 days, Mu-Xi has been humping her in dominance, as with guinea pigs the stronger ones pick on the weaker ones. I’m not sure what to think. I will keep feeding her with the 15mL per day and try to boost her up to 2 feedings a day. I’d hate to think that she’s dying. I don’t like her being picked on. She’s just a sweet old lady that used to be an athlete when she were younger. She was the crafty one of my original herd of three: Cabby, Coco and Chai. Coco was the shy one always trying to assert herself. Cabby was the beast. Not best. BEAST. She’d have everything her way whatever she wanted to do whenever and bullied her way around the pen and was always headbutting. But they are gone and Chai has survived year after year since. She’s 8 years old. She should live forever. She’s earned it.