A little under half the cost of the entire visit was the ultrasound. She has a mass around her right kidney. We took an x-ray first to look at everything, which showed a spot on her lung, medical clips everywhere from her spay a few years ago, slight sharpening in her hips because she’s old, and a big bulge were the mass is. They did an ultrasound later to see if it was solid or fluid and how well it was attached. He drew 15cc of fluid from the mass and sent me home with a partially shaved guinea pig, pain meds, and more handfeeding formula.

We’re going to do a recheck in two weeks and see with the pain management if she’s able to keep any weight on for surgery and to check the spot in her lung. If it’s grown in size, surgery is not even an option because this will be a widespread problem. If she’s viable for surgery, the kidney will likely be removed.

After everything she ate yesterday, she weighs 774 grams, and that’s without the big sack of fluid bulging out her side. It may grow back quickly, though. He said I can feed her as much as I can get her to take (4 times a day, even), but that each sitting takes 15-20 minutes to pace her through all that chewing and unwanting of the tube food.

I have a Final in Intro Algebra today. I hope I am not too distracted. My Final in English yesterday was easy. Sick piggy. Finals week. C’mon, man.