Tomorrow is a job interview that I’m hoping to nail. I have a history of not interviewing well, and I haven’t worked retail in 7 years, but I’m giving it a shot. My last job was telecommunications, where I worked in the hive for four years.

It seems that I’m coming up short for the last 2-3 months on “incidentals” money… incidentally medical costs… not only for myself but the costs of ownership for my cats and my guinea pigs.

Stewart needs either A) a new inhaler or B) oral steroids filled for his asthma
Tommy will be needing a refill on his diet food in 7 weeks
Honey has a thyroid tumor and will be starting medication as soon as it comes in

I’m looking at things right now as back bills and front bills and hoping I can manage the health of my family.

So, if anyone is reading, please send money good thoughts that I’ll get this secondary income 🙂