Yesterday, Honey had a tumor on her thyroid discovered by our veterinarian.
Over the last two months or so, she’s lost 250-300 grams.
Because of her new lump, my girl has hyperthyroidism and will require many many handfeedings and medication.

Medication is on order and she won’t eat Oxbow Critical Care Herbivore. She used to eat it and she now hates the stuff.
I tried her on another formula for her handfeedings and it’s been going well. Recovery Plus from Supreme Petfoods has been going down her hatch quite nicely. As an added bonus, my vet has also placed her on another formula to boost her gaining ability. And, while she won’t take the Emeraid exclusively, I can mix is about 40/60 with the Recovery Plus.

She’s eating like a horse and her heart rate was at least 300, the poor wittle fuzzle.