I went back to work on October 15th. I can’t say I’m thrilled with it because I don’t sleep well and I get up at 4 am to be at the office at 6am. Sometimes the doors around my home get opened further than they should be a cat and then next thing I know the light from the bathroom is shining in front of the bird cage and then Koi is out of bed and chatting at me.

Go back to bed.

Gimme kissy *KISSY* Go back to bed

Chai is doing fine. She’s back to normal. Her pressure sores on her rear feet are gone and she’s standing up for very long times while begging for produce. She’s holding her weight well and Skeeter has stopped challenging her. Skeet’s bite marks are all gone and she’s back to normal scuffle marks on her butt.

I got my samples in from Gorgeous Guineas and the Kwench lotion is delicious. I rubbed Skeeter down and a little goes such a long way compared with the Calendula lotion I was using with my Skinny pig being ashy.

Idris is able to fly out but not up. Her flight feathers are in and she’s still missing just a few lift feathers from her clip when she was living at the shop MONThS ago. She’s really trying. When Jak and Koi fly off she powers her wings up as well as she can as if she’s going with them but is now learning not to let go of her perch because she can’t make it with them yet. It’s sweet. She’s 8 months old.

Chai has formally hit her 6 year mark. Go go gadget immortal guinea pig.

Lila has been a little bear. She has this IBS style thing that goes on month after month with mucous stool and diarrhea and was finally starting to vomit and I took her to see Amalie’s vet that did her teeth. I didn’t feel like waiting to see Lila’s regular vet and we ended up having him run a heartworm test and put her back on preventative. He also did an anal gland expression that almost made Dismal wretch and I took them her poop from the yard to run a fecal float on and check for parasites. Negative, negative, negative, negative. I hate my dog. We put her on some gritty, light-sensitive medication for 10 days to rebalance her gut flora and she was pooping great. Now that she’s off if it she crapped liquid on the bathroom rug and peed right next to it. Grrrrr. She also has this dirty little habit when she doesn’t have Dinner.
Dinner consists of me mixing canned food into her wet food. If she doesn’t want to eat her kibble the way it is then she will go into the cat box and snarf herself some feline poo. Grrrrrr. I’m spending another $70 on an indoor pet barrier. I ordered one from Petsafe (the company that bought Drinkwell) and it’s supposed to give her an audible alert to her collar when she’s in proximity and then when she gets too close to the litter box she’ll get a static charge.
Most expensive, frustrating dog ever.
Doesn’t bark, lick, jump up or piddle on the floor when excited: Best dog ever potential. Plus her brother is a 20 lb cat named Tommy Puma Gargoyle, so that’s pretty bad ass.

I got a text from Xero that The Twins had dentals done. Samus ended up having two fangs extracted from a sudden onset of something funky that made one loose on it’s own. I’m told it’s a hereditary issue with females of siamese descent. Poor Sammy. She’s the same size as my Tiny Tiger, Amalie. Sam cat is on antibiotics and pain reliever and her brother, Ashley, only had a standard cleaning. Lucky bubbie.

Tommy and Angel as intended to do dentals next year. Hopefully I will have the Care Credit card paid off (that my mom sponsored) and can do them during Pet Dental Awareness month for a sweet discount in February.

There was this sweet little guinea pig at Petco for adoption. Dismal talked me down (at least temporarily) in bringing him home. I already named him Charlie because like Charlie Brown, all he keeps getting is rocks. He’s roughly 2 years old, has ended up back in the store twice, needs a bath, is shy but chatty under his breath when you’re petting him. He’s had a cyst removed from his side and his sutures are almost completely out. Someone that had him never clipped his nails and his toes are slightly mis-angled now as a result. If Charlie is still there in a week I may very well bring him home. He needs amazing care and stability but Dismal said not to overwhelm myself while I’m playing catch up with all my other animals and this working full time gig.

Oh god and I had to do Angel’s anal glands this week. I’m tired of her dragging her ass on my floor and dropping a duece outside of the litter box. Fortunately, it wasn’t quite as bad as this:


I was added to an article on Catster
OMG Bwahahahanoes