Yesterday with Chai weighing at 849 grams and being 2 weeks post surgery, I put her back in the pen. She has atrophe to her leg muscles and needs the space. Skeeter, the naked stupid one, decided to challenge her as she’d been bullying Mu-Xi for the last week.
convalesced and ancient, Chai beat her ass.

Skeeter spent the last 30 hours in the hospital cage. Trowel face (because of the ^ > or < marks the bites made) was swabbed with betadine yesterday and dabbed with the perfect paws ointment I had on hand today. Tonight I redid the entire pen, bathed all guinea pigs and put them back in together. No one that lives there is the wiser that anything had occurred. Me, on the other hand, would prefer to burn myself at the stake the purge myself of the crap of this world. Earlier in the week I have went to the primary care physician for a breathing issue and am on steroids. Then I went to the pain clinic and had all kinds of things poked at me and my impressions made of my mouth again, as I have every 3 years in prep for a new oralfacial splint. Then today I went to the radio station to pick up tickets to a haunted house that I probably can't make it through. Last year I went to this nationally known one called The Nest and ended up having a panic attack and lapsed a good five minutes and had medics escort me out. PTSD much? Then I went to the AZ humane society to make my quarterly donation. This afternoon I went to the pain clinic north of here and had a neuroscan to see if it's nerves or muscles that cause my widespread pain. They aren't fun. They test your tender spots. So no, really, I'm cool. I am not allowed any ibuprofen while I'm on the 'roids. I wasn't allowed any muscle relaxers, therapy, trigger point massage or horrific activity (why I was doing the pig pen tonight) for the 24 hrs leading to the tests. I've got one now! 🙂 There have been no fights in the pig pen tonight. Skeeter and Chai are acting fine. Mu-Xi is the timid girl I've always had. I'm probably going to have to give Skeeter and Chai Critical Care tomorrow to supplement the stress they've been under. Chai was 836 grams at noon. Skeeter is around 915.