I’m going to be brash; Skeeter is a bitch.
She went from being weak and lonely when her buddy died last August and I brought Mu-Xi home for her, because no hairless guinea pig should be left without a friend. Due to the herd order, she needed someone for her because she was an easy target for the others. At the time there was Emerson, Callie, Chai and her.

She kept trying to attack Chai a few times over the past week while Chai is weak and in recovery. She keeps intimidating Mu-Xi and running into the hidey with her (Chai is in the hospital cage) even though I have THREE hideys out in the pig pen right now.

I found a piece of Chai’s fur missing. Yesterday I saw dried blood on the underside of Skeeter’s ear flap. Mu-Xi will scream for minutes at a time while Skeet gets in her face.

I think Chai may finally be leveling out with her weight a little and she’s bright and plucky out here with us in the living room. I’m afraid of what is going to happen if I put all three back together. Chai is almost 200 grams of her former self. She’s the oldest and she’s always been either first or second in command…

… and my Skinny pig, Skeeter, has decided to pull hostile takeover and be a Cee U Next Tuesday.