I got a curved tip syringe from the vet’s office this morning. They weren’t directly open for a half an hour but they were accepting drop offs for an hour or two before I got there. I called the office from the parking lot and a tech brought it out for me. I asked what solution they preferred to flush an abscess out with. There are generally two options: saline solution or betadine solution. Mark said betadine and that’s what I picked up today from Walgreens: $13

On a sad side note:
Their business sign at the road had 3 tags on it from the neighborhood hoods.

Little Bastard’s abscess kept sealing itself over and holding pus in. The drainage came out with applied moist heat and then manually. Try to hold a (hairless) rat still with a wet rag to their tummy and then ask them to hang in there while you mangle the big zit growing from their gut. I am so sorry for my baby man. I’ve been getting him to take his antibiotics with baby food of mixed berries oatmeal and some apple butternut squash. I had to flush his wound out for this to be effective. His reaction was a very very very uncomfortable state of panic when I flushed the abscess out. The solution is cooler than room temp and the application puts a sudden pressure BACK INTO the owwie. He takes his pain meds in the morning with baby lasagna w meat sauce and his antibiotics twice a day.

He’s such a little trooper.