Lila is acting senile and lame.

Taking a while to study this and rule things out. She might be acting screwy because of the touch of anorexia she’s had. Moving her back to her regular diet while adding in digestive aids of probiotics as well as ginger.

I can afford to treat my animals but for things like this I can’t afford to run $300-500 in tests.

She had bloody diarrhea two weeks ago. She was moved to her crate and switched to a bland diet. Sometimes she wouldn’t have a bowel movement for a full day. Then it was mucous like and thick. Other times she’d vomit fluid. Some days she would eat her diet food and lately has not been touching much of it. She ate so little that she got sick to her stomach and vomited this morning. Worked with her today on having her appetite back and adding the supplements to her


food. She’s carrying something in her hindquarters whether it’s atrophy or something else.

if her digestion is markedly improved but the gait doesn’t change, I’ll have to take her in for radio graphs in a week.

I’ve been checking her gums for paleness and they are still a healthy pink. I check the inside of her ears for her temperature and it was only slightly elevated a week ago and back to normal. She’s not showing any tenderness in her belly.

When you have 11 pets you can’t take everyone to the doctor at the drop of a hat. I don’t think I have too many. I used to have 19 at one time. It gets difficult when 2 or three double up on your work load. I’m weeding things out. My rat had a lump within 2 days of taking out his sutures and I took him to the vet to rule out an abscess. Sure enough it was an abscess. I prepare myself well for visits. I’ve seen parents that take their kids to the pediatrician at the first sign of a snotty nose. I’m sorry but that’s not the type of parent I am.

One way or another, Lila will be ok. I’m just sitting up tonight wondering what it could be and the symptoms are inconsistent. The last time a pet got like this it was found to ultimately be cancer and cost $400 in treatments only to find out about the cancer after he was dead.
I’ll dig up more on this tomorrow.

I’m hoping Lila will be brighter in the morning.