Lila has a bit of anorexia but her stomach is smoothing out after off and on week of illness.

Little Bastard had a large amount of foul-smelling pus come from his abscess tonight. This morning I got him to eat his pain meds and antibiotics with baby food, but tonight he has only eaten half his antibiotic. Food dish removed. Pain meds mixed with baby food lasagna and meat sauce and antibiotics uses and oatmeal and fruit blend with a bit of applesauce and butternut squash mixed it.

I fell down the stairs a little today. I was ahead of Lila, heading up to go inside and had to go back for her. She refused to come up on her own. I fell down possibly four stairs on the outdoor staircase to the bottom. I have to look at her nails.

Cut Jak’s nails tonight. One drew blood 20 seconds after the cut. All other toes were fine. Her bird, Koi, shot me the look from hell. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BIRD?!.. SHE SCREAMED”

Skeeter got her Calendula lotion applied again and her Perfect Paws ointment on her spurs/scabs.

Tommy loved on me most of the day. I spent half of it in my bed. We were a kitten pile.