I’ve been thinking this evening about who I was before I had my pets. I think I may have been more eccentric. How else would I manage the extra thoughts all day and no one to pet that purrs, wheeks, squeaks or chirps back at me?

I had a window of enjoyment after I got my first pet as an adult. It lasted approximately 1 year.

The ex boyfriend and I had just moved from one state to another and the night before we were to move into the new apartment, I acquired my hamster. She was an only child for 9 months. I guess the itch for another baby hatched and I got my first two guinea pigs. Then another. The fourth was the one that set a president that bad things happen. Chira died from a URI.

No matter how hard a try and be attentive, or how high or low my credit score gets, I can never put that bubbly feeling back out there with my babies… Not even about my dear cat.

The guinea pigs are getting older and this is the longest I’ve been in the last year without someone being sick, if you don’t count the growth on my rat’s tummy.

I’m trying to be there for everyone from Dismal’s kids to my friends and trying to take care of myself and my appearance because if I don’t think I’m holding up well on the outside, the inside is going to start leaking out of this weak shell.