Scottsdale Cat Clinic has Oz: The Case of the Week

Oz is a three-year-old flame point Siamese. When he came into the clinic for his six-month Wellness exam, I could see a small amount of gingival recession on his upper right canine tooth – his fang.

Tommy is almost the same age. I have noticed his teeth lately and it might be a good idea to get a cleaning. I am now nervous after reading this article. Imagine what you can’t see.

Lila had her mouth done last year in February. It was at least $500 and 6 extractions. She had so much tartar that teeth wiggled after the cleaning and had to be removed. A molar was broken. She did well. I have no idea what she ate before I got her in 2009, but I had never had dogs have their mouth so yucky.

If you need dental services this is surely the month to inquire. February is always dental awareness month for pets and most places are offering discounts up to 20% off. The most thorough cleanings involved sedation. The bulk of your costs should be safely putting them under so that the cleanings reach up under the gum line. If your pet is awake it is very stressful on them and someone can be missed by the veterinarian.