Two days ago I was wandering Craigslist and noticed an ad that sunk my heart. I could tell from the way it was written and the content that it was about the elderly persian I helped shave and mentioned recently. They were looking for affordable services to have her euthanized.

I still had the author’s phone number in my address book from the previous dealings and I texted her that I was making calls and the lowest I found were at the Humane Society’s Phoenix Location up in the city for $60. She messaged me back stating she hadn’t pulled the ad yet but were at a Banfield locally and had assistance through an organization. She was there at the location waiting at the appointment with the owner, John.

Breaks my heart.

We helped shave the mats out of this cat hoping that she would get some range of motion back but she never really did. She was missing most of her teeth and couldn’t stand up for more than a few seconds without having to sit down or to fall over and lay on her side and try to bite whatever was itching her.

Serena was 21.