I completed a survey through Oxbow on Facebook and received a retail package of Simple Rewards in Cranberry and Rosemary.

They love it. The package is small when you have four hungry ladies but I’ve been giving them a tablespoon in each dish from time to time between pellet distribution.

I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to try the product and leave a positive review.

On and side note: Mu-Xi has her big pig nails! My baby is roughly six months old.
Around the time they reach six months old you can see changes in their nails. While they are younger, the nails are more clear(if they aren’t black) and get fine points to them. As they grow they become a bit more opaque and thicker.

Look at your baby nephew’s tiny brand new finger nails. They look so delicate and healthy.
Now look at your grandfather’s nails.