I lied. I have to get my stuff together for pictures and I haven’t done it. Dismal actually has better ones from the boys’ trip to the vet because he can pull stills off video on his (mocking tone) FIVE MEGAPIXEL CAMERA /mock.

The meds have been grievous. The Boys do love the treats after. I have been trying to give them the syringes of meds with their backs to me. I tried in a towel. Today I put kept them in their cage and slowly hit the plunger on the syringe and the boys just lapped it up off the tip. SUPER BOYS! They also still associate that meds=snacks so they were patient at their open door, weaving up and down, curious to see what I would come back with from the kitchen.

We are on meds until May 28th. Teeth check here at home on the 21st for Little Bastard.

Meds in the past with the guinea pigs were horrible. Only a few would meet me to take them from the cage. The ones that stick out: Crunchy and Emerson, after their neuters. Why yes, Mistress, I would love some more Metacam.