Dismal got another cat. He’s a cream tabby; The cat, not Dismal.

I’m sorry I am having one of those nights.

Last year was my time adopting from MCACC to get Tommy Gargoyle. Dismal adopted from them this month. Rex is going to be a Service Animal.
He was a stray that they found out walks well on a leash. Dis is going to be using this and working with him.

At intake he was given a first cat shot and a rabies.
At the vet he was tested for FELV and Feline Aids and heartworm and inoculated for feline leukemia and is due for boosters in a few weeks. *stupid giggle…he tested negative*

Rex is also a short haired neutered male that does so well with the Love Glove for grooming. He came in at 10 pounds but is also still a bit emaciated. This guy used to be a friggin BIG cat. He also is front feet declawed.

New law in California makes it illegal for landlords to discriminate against clawed felines/barking dogs

He also is the most vocal cat I have ever met. Go Rex.