The boys went to the vet together today. Because rats can easily wiggle through many grids on common carriers, you can safely transport them to the vet in a pillowcase.

Animals shelters are typically in need of pillowcases to transport puppies with parvo

Today it was a pillowcase inside of a reusable shopping bag. They boys basically made a nest of it and hung out really well in there until the exams. The Captain didn’t seem to want to come out of the bag at all and Little Bastard was having a great time checking out everything. I will have pictures up later.

The gist of everything went like this:
Little Bastard is does not like the doctor. He pulled Ferret on him and darted back out of the sack and nipped our vet while The Captain was under examination. He went right back into the sack and before he could do it again, Dismal put his arm across the opening. Cheeky boy.
Little Bastard also has malocclusion! WoO! *SIGH* The monkey sounds he’s been making when excited for the last week are from his lower teeth too far into the roof of his mouth and inflaming his sinuses.
Metacam and Baytril generics for two weeks. Teeth trimming his lower incisors routinely until he can keep them trim himself. If this is a regular thing over time, we get to consider extractions. Today the vet trimmed them for me. Next time it’s my job and I intend to go to Sally Beauty Supply tomorrow for supplies. Last time I had to trim teeth it was for Cici and I would file them with a glass file.

The Captain: He’s fairly good. Shy to strangers…the smaller one. Vet said his lungs sound clear but a little harsh? He gets Benadryl for 2 weeks to rule out an allergy.

I have my hands full again. It’s a challenge and I like to have them.I cleaned their cage tonight with Dismal and we put in a new mat for the boys.

I talked to the vet as well about Emerson (guinea pig) and tumors.

All three cats are in the kitchen tracking something I can’t even see.