This discussion on dog food took place a few weeks back. Since then I have gotten involved in a campaign through BzzAgent on Science Diet. I was able to choose which 4.5lb bag I needed and being that Lila is a 11.5lb Peke/mutt mix, I went with this Small/Toy breed formula.
1) Not only did the dog try it; All three cats tried it as well. I have been in a constant battle trying to get them to eat their own food and I have succeeded before this.
2) My dog keeps looking at me asking when the food is coming. She has to eat more of this to stay full and satiated.
3) Her poop weighs more. Same size, same frequency, but MORE DENSITY.
4) It’s the roughly the same price as what I already feed her, but more widely available.

We did the food for 1 week and served it the same way that Lila always gets it. It was served once a day dry and once a day with Pedigree Chicken cuts mixed in.

Nature’s Variety in chicken formula is what she’s eating currently. I had her previously on the rabbit formula.

When I mention price being the same, the gap is less than $5. I will quote PetFoodDirect online to you with this particular Science diet being $9.99 and this particular Nature’s Variety being $12.59. I like to keep in mind that where you are paying less at the register, you can end up paying more over the month if your dog has to eat more to be satisfied or get the proper nutrients and this can also lead to obesity.

I have seen far worse than Science Diet but this is my quick breakdown.