2 cats were vaccinated on their annuals on Sunday through The Vaccination Station. Angel was tested for Leukemia since I don’t have her old records from the last owner and both of them together was about 130. No rabies due for 3 years now! Tommy is due for his pokies in July.
I have been clearance shopping and getting ideas for my 2 rattie boys. Bird toys mostly and gave them a tissue box. They also got baths in the tub and I carefully clipped back some nails. My boys are fascinating. All my previous rats were female.
Placing small pavement stones under the water bottles in the pigpens has removed much of the smell from the wet towels as it drips. Yay!
Last night I was swiftly attacked by one of the cats. Miss moody Princess Yue nailed me. My bloody ear was graciously nursed by her Human. He swabbed it with liquid Benadryl and some codiene.

I think we are caught up. I really hope Rusty got a family or gets one soon. If I had more room he would totally be co-bub.