Aside from the fact that I found out that Amalie needs extractions again, I am going to bring up Yue.

Yue is a classic snarf and barf, but it was getting worse. There was no interest in canned food; she only wanted to eat dry and eat it fast. If she didn’t vomit right away, she’d try to hide from us so she could rip her fur our from the top of her flanks. We had been catching her and then fetching her, so she learned to go around corners to do it. The fur ingestion was overgrooming. Something was making her pissed. Within a year she’d lost a little over a pound, her labs were fine, she’s 12 and petite. She started getting mats in her fuzzy pants. This girl has grown up with gloriously fuzzy pants!

Dot dot



She needed teeth pulled. She was losing weight because of the vomiting and not taking her time eating because of the pain. Then she’d have what I would equate to a table flipping frustration while she’d pull her fur out. No additional grooming because her mouth hurt.

I have this Petzlife gel that is not a cure-all, but you can use it to control the bacteria in the mouth and break down tartar, inhibit plaque, and I will apply it to questionable areas to try to keep the gums from doing their worst.

Four teeth were pulled on Thursday. Today is Monday. She’s a brand new cat. She’s eating all the time without vomiting, wet food only with the occasional left over kibble that Amalie did not finish. I hope we’ll have her weight back up by summer with a brand new beautiful coat.

I’ll bring the two ladies together with their condition:
FORL – Feline Oral Resorptive LESIONS

Not veterinarian has told me there is a solid study published to state what the cause is. Amalie has had them the entire time she’s been in my life, and as far as I know from 2017 Yue hadn’t developed them yet.

I can’t afford $1,600 average for a good cleaning and 3 extractions, so I went with a coworker suggestion and put down a deposit and had Yue on the waiting list. Her relief was less than $500. It took a few months, and I had to be diligent with her grooming and the oral gel, and feel sorry for her and myself because I am not wealthy and money is coming in slowly since COVID19 put a halt to much of the market research I would participate in.

It looks like I need to get Amalie’s rabies updated, put down a deposit, and call twice a day for infinity until they have cancellations and move her up because I think they said they were booked through April.

#FliptheLipChallenge and check out what your pet isn’t telling you about


Basepaws Cat DNA Research is trying to crack the codes on our cats. If you click through the link you can apply to be part of their research. I sent them records for Stewart for their asthma studies, and did send in Amalie’s dental records when they wanted to get to the root of this problem.