There it goes. Politics and COVID relief bills, in an election year, taking the stocks down. It’s nothing like it was in March, and at that time I should have bought more except I didn’t know if I would have a job, right?

It just happens that after we were closed to the public for about 9 weeks, I kept watching that stock. It slowly recovered, and then when communities went to Phase 1 reopening, it would go higher. K. Sounds good. Until that day I could barely keep mouth shut at work.

My tiny piece of stock invested also happens to be the place where a visiting patron was employed.
She said it’s going to go up and up into the pandemic because people have to cook at home more.
I was never more relieved that I had a mask hiding many parts of my face as I tried to not to laugh/scoff at the naivety from my eyes upwards.
“In an election year?”
“What does that have to do with the market? Politics have nothing to do with the pandemic. It’s just going to keep going up!”

I have been watching my 0.03565 shares trickle up and down for 2 years. I’m not looking at big dollar fluctuations from an entire piece of stock. I am watching this baby piece I bought at $5 for free from my cellular provider. I watched it go down to nearly $4 at one time, and then up to nearly $8 when the market shot up earlier this year. Cool, right?

You buy low. She told me to buy stock while it’s hot.

At that moment I couldn’t even.