If the kids weren’t living at home I would cancel. This COVID, the seasonal shift, the amount of people… Places are starting to list their order availability so that you don’t have to do the shopping. Our order is in. I want little to stress about that week.

Do not feed your pets pieces of fat or skin. Don’t do it. It’s not good for them.
Sweet potatoes are safe, but no matter how much they ask for brown butter or marshmallows, Don’t do it. It’s not good for them.
No onions. No garlic. No seasoning mixes that likely have onions and garlic.

I don’t mind if they need a plate though. Turkey preferably because ham is higher in sodium. No injected marinade (cajun and such) and remove the skin. No bones. If you have an opportunistic omnivore you can do a bit of sweet potato or unsweetened applesauce. Green beans without the mushroom soup or fried onions.

I’ll come up with ideas later. This is the foreword. November is in 6 more days.