What were we doing? Not getting Dentals.
Yes. I am as disappointed as you that I didn’t have any new dirt to post here, but there was a good reason.
Hyperthyroidism likes to play with your liver, heart, and even the kidneys. Tommy had a grade 4 heart murmur and was ineligible for general anesthesia. I don’t believe in anesthesia-free “cleanings” as the pet will not cooperate with any tartar that is under the gum line while they are awake.

What could I do? Whatever I could. The veterinarians saying ‘no’ does not mean the pet mom’s journey comes to a halt.

His mouth was in pain, and his tartar was so forward in his mouth moving towards his incisors. I hadn’t seen this with him, and I don’t know if it were related to the disease. His mouth was too tender for him to let me do a manual scaling.

Here comes Petzlife.

I had heard about it years ago, and picked up the spray at a Pet Expo so use on my previous dog, Lila. She was Brachycephalic ie SMASH FACE, and after we had her teeth cleaned and the offending ones pulled, I would spray this on her molars to help retard new tartar formation. What I didn’t know was it’s safety or efficacy on cats.

Then I went to Stacy with PetsWeekly , and she found that this is multi-species. Woo! The directions were to break down excessive buildup, apply twice a day for 30 days, 20-30 minutes post or pre food+water intake. Toothbrushes don’t work here. Finger tip brushes won’t either.
I have to use a cotton swab. 1) His pouches are shallow and tight especially when 2) his mouth is already very sore

In time, I found out that he was fighting me because his tooth sensitivity, and that the gel was too cold. I spread it on the base of my thumb and let it warm to my body temperature before application.

How did this work for Tommy? Very well. He still has the tartar, but the build up seems to be millimeters thinner and some chunks have broken away on their own. I got his sensitivity under control that he will even spend time gnawing on meaty chews.

Our Petzlife of choice for this situation is the Salmon Gel. Cheers.

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