I’m pretty new to my store, and I didn’t realize that this would be happening, BUT IT’S SO COOL!
We have a wicked good stock of products, so it took me about fifteen minutes to decide.
(I’ve been there since November, so did you really think I didn’t window shop at every Shift?)


Felted. Cat. Cave.

Pet Cave – For cats and small dogs

Yue asked for a cave many years ago, and was never satisfied. In fact, my pet rat Little Bastard would use the first one I bought her as his hang out, when he was loose in the house having a romp, and leave his stash in it. I have wondered for years if I could get this right.

Felted caves are in investment. If I got this wrong it would be a hit to my wallet, but I love my Boss and my Boss Boss, and it was risk free. They lurve it. LURRRRRRVE. In fact, every time a new cat would try it, another cat would walk up and start beating them in the head.
As you do.

Now that the initial WOO is over, the cats are enjoying it so much, and their nogs are being spared.

The Yeti is hand wash or machine wash gentle cold, and air dry. I have not tested this yet as no one has vomited on it this week.
This. Week.