I got health reports back for Tommy, Stewart, and Princess Yue. Quite a few markers on her sample came back as inconclusive, so I emailed the Basepaws team and they said they would re-run her sample to see if we can get clear results or else we’ll do a new sample.

I’ve been at work for this past month and hopped back on Yue’s report this evening and it’s showing that her Inconclusive results are now reading In Process. Neat, right?

All of Stewart’s results were cleared, and I think two of Tommy’s were Inconclusive (so I didn’t contact them) and I was comfortable with the results knowing that this is not a clear indicator that the cat will not come down with the disease or disorder. It only means the studied genes show they are at less risk for developing it. IE I know women that fight breast cancer that tested negative for the genes.

I will come back with another update as soon as I find it.