This is a personal post…sort of pet related.
When everything quieted down, I was hired at a pet supply store. Then seasonal depression kicked in around the time change and got progressively worse each week. I am still working, but waiting for my appointment on Wednesday so I can see about med changes through March.
Our store carries different raw options than weren’t available to me before, but my partner does not want to try them on Tom until we have a savings because his butt stops working here and there when things change. I told him that I have no time to make his food this week, and he said he can make Tom’s food. Here is where I roll my eyes.
I have been making the batches of raw food for 3 years. I don’t trust him. Part of it is my mental health and needing to be in control of things. I am very paranoid when my family is home in the evenings. I’ll get home from work and stress out on Dismal even though he’s putting in a fair amount of effort.
I’m going to sign off. My head is doing some things.
PS – Tommy keeps soothing himself to the cool mist humidifier around bed time. It’s ridiculous.