Tommy did it again. He went back to the ER about two weeks ago. His constipation had him again, and we need to work to getting him all set up back at his regular vet and see if there is or isn’t a diagnosis for IBD. He’s been on Miralax for a few years, and it seems like from time to time he backs up too far. He ended up with an enema after x-rays and a prescription for oral lactulose. They also gave him subcutaneous fluids because he was getting dehydrated from the vomiting.

Lucky me. Another $5xx.xx bill for the bub. AS WELL AS pulling $200 out of a hat much earlier than expected. His dad theorized that should Tom have IBD, the pork shoulder I put in his batch of food last time may have been irritating his guts. I had just made a new batch of food the day Tom went to the ER, only I broke a pork bone down in the Instant Pot and just put pork broth into it. Tommy got to eat the rest of the Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein canned turkey until a new order of rabbit came in from Hare-Today in PA. I had just completed a few gig jobs to get ahead on the electric, and suddenly I’m making cat food again.

New dilemma: More money

I start work tomorrow morning at a local pet boutique specializing in more natural foods. I just heard that Lotus is coming out with a raw, so I have some new things to learn and research, as well as being able to keep up with being physical this winter when I would normally be sedentary.

What is Stop and Eat the Flowers going to be doing? I am not sure. This has been sure a flop of a year with personal challenges, and now I am right at the cusp of seasonal depression issues with the DST shortening the evenings – I want to be happy and healthy and get my zeal back. Next month is 1 year since one of my friends died. July of this year another friend died. May I broke my car and rushed my parrot to the vet for surgery. June I bought another car and rushed my guinea pig to the vet over a heart condition, and it was decided to put her down. August, the funeral was finally held for my friend and during that month, Idris (my youngest parrot) was rehomed.

I still had my blue hair and interviewed for a rock and roll barber shop for the desk, and then later at Carmax for the sales department, and then a friend said I might want to think about changing my hair after four years. So here I am, with silvery steel hair and a new job.